Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to Use Wifi Safely When Traveling

Public Wi-Fi is a great way to download movies and music when on the go without burning through your data cap. Even browsing Facebook, Twitter and sending emails can start to add up if you’re away from home a lot. While, public Wi-Fi isn’t always secure. A VPN can protect your privacy and allow you browse anonymously on the internet.

Though most of us know to avoid doing our online banking via the free Wi-Fi connection at a public place, it might come as a surprise to learn that paid, password-protected networks include cafés, airports, and even hotels put us at risk too. In a VPN, your online activity will be encrypted so that the bad guys can't see what you're doing. 

The VPN (or virtual private network) encrypts your current connection and masks your real IP address, and interchanges it for an IP address of the VPN server to which you are connected. There are several VPN services available with different functions, and to make it easier for you I have tried quite a lot of them. I personally use FlyVPN, it’s fast and reliable and allows me to use servers based all over the world. 

Besides, turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Bluetooth-enabled devices like headsets and wireless keyboards are great accessories for traveling, but can leave you and your personal information at risk. Make sure you're connecting to the right Wi-Fi and not an Evil Twin, which is a look-alike connection designed to trick you. 

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