Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Play Free Black Desert with Russia VPN in America

Black Dersert Online(Korean: 검은사막), a sandbox-oriented pultipalyer online role playing game,is devolped by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss released in Korea in 2014, Japan and Russia in 2015, and North America and Europe in 2016. It became world-wildely prevailent since the date of its reléase.

The feature of Black Desert

  • Weather changesA dynamic, worldwide weather system which will include large scale events such as typhoons and will add some interest in gameplay. Localized weather will include events such as temporary fog which players may exploit to launch surprise attacks on rival guild structures. Using warmer clothing in cold weather which also impacts on a player's statistics.
  • A dynamic day/night cycle with a gradual progression of lighting effects. During the night some NPCs will become unavailable as they return home while the number and type of monsters that a player may encounter will increase. 
  • Player housing will be instanced and will vary from tents through to more substantial houses and buildings. Players will be able to furnish and equip their housing and may hire NPCs to set up as traders from the building.
  • An active combat system requiring precise manual aiming, dodging & comboing, unlike the tab-targeting system seen in older MMORPGs.

Black Desert Online uses a free-to-play model in Korea, Japan and Russia, while in Europe and North America the game uses a buy-to-play model. Some readers want to have a free account to play this game yet they can’t get it. One way to solve this issue is to créate an account in the game free áreas such as Russia. I’ve tested it for you and find that the best vpn for playing Black Desert is Russia VPN. A Russia VPN can give you a Russia IP and hide your orignal IP so that the Black Desert website can’t recognize your identity and think you are in Russia. Here, I recommend you with FlyVPN as they have free test acount for you to do a test before go on the purchase step. Everyday, one user can test it for three times and each time for 20 minutes.

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