Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Protect Privacy with A Qualified VPN

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games is forthcoming, the analysists from Kaspersky Lab studied the security of  Wi-Fi network hot spots that visitors can encounter during the Olympic games around the Olympic venues.They found that there are more than 4,500 Wi-Fi hot spots around this building,which means that the unencrypted data that is sent and downloaded with these Wi-Fi hot spots can be easily decoded and intercept.

We can’t live without Internet since we need to share pictueres wiht friends, talk with our families, and make an order online. The international roaming traffic package can be very expensive so that we need to think about plan B. Free Wi-Fi is like the wáter in desert for people.

However, cyberspace criminals know exactly what we need and set traps for visitors with a fake Wi-Fi hot spots. Usually, they can break through these network to catch password, detailed information of credit cards, and other fatal data of users. In general, 25 percent of Wi-Fi networks around that venue is not safe enough since they are easily to be intruded by net criminals for personal data and financial information.

Then how can we encrypt our personal data?

It is of great convenience to protect our privacy with a Virtual Private Network client. Hence VPN can grant you a decryption key while connecting with local open Wi-Fi hot spot, the internet criminal can do nothing about it. This kind of technological skill is acknowledged by many users all over the world, especially the group of people who love travelling.

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