Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watch Free UEFA on CCTV with China VPN

One fact that a lot of people don't know about China is that UEFA Euro 2016 is free to watch on CCTV, the predominant state television broadcaster in China Mainland. CCTV network ( sports channel is brodcasting all 51 gamesvideo throughout the Euro 2016 in France. Currently the Euro 2016 has been into the knockout stage and the game has become more and more popular all around the world. If you are desirous about free Euro 2016, this article can help you.

How can we unblock China website with China VPN?

Lately,the rapid developement of China has drew the world's attention,yet the astonishing effort that China devotes on sport industry is hardly known by the rest of the world. From 2000, a report by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television(SARFT) grant CCTV the authority of buying brodcasting right. From 2014 CCTV does not share the copyright of Euro 3016 with its partners. Hence, most people in China watch CCTV channel 5 or visit the website of CCTV to enjoy grand sport game broadcast.

To unblock China's websites,a China VPN can be an convienient way since it can grant netcitzens an IP, thus the website owner cannnot recognize the identity of visitors. Since TV box has been installed in tons of thousands families so far, a VPN on TV box can be even more favorable. As long as you install it on your TV box, you can watch Euro 2016 on your television.

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