Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to play on Kritika Online English server

Kritika Online has been released in Japan and South Korea several years ago. Asiasoft launched a Thai version for Thailand players last week. A notice on Kritika Online's websites for other Southeast Asia countries shows "Kritika Online Coming Soon". It seems like the Kritika Online English server for Singapore and Malaysia players will be lauched soon.

Kritika Online

Kritika is an action MMORPG featuring 10-min short instances and a combat mode taking attack as a means of defense. Kritika is designed with cartoon style graphics and its quest mode is typically found in other action MMORPGs. It allows you to go absolutely crazy fighting. Let's say Dragon Nest and Vindictus with the modesty turned off. If I ever feel stressed I pop this on, and stress goes away.

It is available on iOS and Android devices all over the world, but the PC MMO Kritika Online is still restricted to Asian territories. If you want to further experience the spectacular high definition sounds and sights in 3D, you may player it PC version. Its English server will be coming soon, go to find an Asian VPN which contains more Asian servers and offers fast and stable connection. I would like to recommend FlyVPN, a VPN provider offers lots of Asia VPN servers. It also provides free Singapore and Malaysia VPN server.

Below is a brief guide on how to get a free Singapore IP:
  1. Setup a VPN Client, you can download from FlyVPN's download page. They have VPN Client for Mac, Android, iOS and Windows, please choose the right Client.
  2. Login with username "vpnu", and enter the newest password.
  3. Choose your native language as the interface, then click login button.
  4. After lead to the server list window, choose Asia and click Singapore server.
  5. Click Connect button.

Monday, October 26, 2015

How to play Aion Korea for its update on November

A major announcement for Aion is coming next month, on November 11th for Korea. Developed by NCsoft, Aion is the most visually beautiful MMORPG ever made. Though it said Aion's Korea server and English server would be coming the same time, not an exact date of Aion English server has been revealed.

Aion Korea

Mojor update of Asion

NCsoft recently released a new piece of artwork, hinting at the change which will be arriving. The new huge expansion of Aion KR on November will be added a variety of contents that can maximize the users' immersive experience. Most are speculating it will be version 5.0. 

About Asion

Players will create their own distinct history and will have their names forever recorded in fame or infamy. In this ethereal world, you will have the power to direct dynamic relationships between angels, demons and dragons to control the fate of the world. Only bloodied Elyos bodies are seen. Is it the rise of the opposing Asmodian faction? It displays a group of characters with wings who died on the wood piles.

How to play Aion KR when living outside of Korea?

For the South Korea server, a more definitive date (11th November) was offered, but the English teaser trailer had no date attached. To play Aion Korea server, you can use a Korea VPN. A Korea server will give you a Korean IP address, then you will be able to play Aion Korea server. Follow the steps to get a Korea IP:
  1. Install a VPN app, it's more convenience than manually setup VPN.
  2. Login with username "vpnu", and its latest password. If you already have a premium account, use your account.
  3. Traffic type: choose "send all tyraffic via VPN".
  4. VPN protocol: "auto".
  5. Remember to check box "enable IPSec for L2TP" and "auto reconnect".
  6. Choose a Korea server.
  7. Click the button "connect".
  8. Check your IP. After your IP changed to Korean IP, you can play on Aion Korean server.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How to get a Black Desert Korea account

You may find you are unable to play on Black Desert Korea server even after registered with Email on That's because your Black Desert Korean account is unverified. This article I will show you how to verify your Black Desert Korea account, as well as steps to register an Black Desert KR account for players who want to register account first to download BD client. For the regional blocks meet when on the progress of register the account or download Black Desert, you can use a Korea VPN.

About Black Desert

Black Desert, developed by Pearl Abyss, is a sandbox MMORPG. It features castle sieging, trading, crafting, player housing, parkour, and more. The game uses Pearl Abyss' own "Black Desert" engine specifically created to handle the fast rendering required for its seamless world and large-scale castle sieges. But in Europe and North America, the game will use "buy-to-play" model. So numerous players are playing Black Desert Korea server or Japan server.

Register a Black Desert account with Email

Daum Account register

Daum Account register With Email

1. Visit, click 회원가입 to register. To choose register with Email, click the Email button.

Register DAUM Account With Email

2. Input your Email, verification code, your name and check the boxes as photo. 
As it will send verification code to your email, use a right email. Once your email is available, you will be sent a confirmation or Authorization number. 
The name should be 2 - 15 Korean characters, Maximum 30 English letters(don't include space between letters). 
Then click submit.
Please don't forget the register information.

Register DAUM Account With Email

3. Input the Daum username, password and captcha. You can use Korean keyboard for captcha.

Korea Keyboard

Korea Keyboard

If you see the first symbol on the Captcha, it is made up of three parts combined into one – which I have broken down. Now, you must type the three individual characters into the box using the on-screen keyboard and then it'll combine to form the one symbol.

Register DAUM Account With Email

4. Register successfully. 

How to verify Black Desert Korea account

When you login on with your account, you will be brought to a screen for verification. From here you click on the Cell Phone if you have a Korean Phone OR your Daum account/KSSN. For our purposes, click the Email on the right. Fill out the information and submit. You'll receive I-Pin verification through your email. 
After getting your verified Black Desert Korea account, you can play on Black Desert Korea server.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pocket MapleStory - Mobile RPG launches in selected countries

Pocket MapleStory recently soft-launches for Android devices in several countries: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The side-scrolling action mobile RPG is developed by Nexon's internal studio, you can get it from Google Play Store. Players who are not living in the soft-launch's participating countries can use a VPN to get Pocket MapleStory.
Pocket MapleStory

The mobile game retains several features of the popular PC online game. It has more than 1,500 quests, three different heroes that you can personalize. That means you can gather up a squad of heroes, build up your battle skills, and play through over 1500 quests set in a jolly universe filled with monsters, dragons, and adventure. There's also online multiplayer with network party play, a first for mobile MapleStory. Its PC version - MapleStory 2 is a free-to-play, 3D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game released on July 7, 2015.

Pocket MapleStory features:
  1. The first mobile version with real-time online multiplayer that enables network party play.
  2. Personalization of characters and items.
  3. A complete MMORPG experience on a mobile device featuring more than 1,500 quests.
  4. Fun rivalry with the Dungeon and Guild system to compete with friends online.
  5. Bright and colorful graphics reminiscent of the original PC game.
  6. Three different heroes, Duel Blade, Angerlic Buster and Demon Slayer each with different skills and fighting styles.
Pocket MapleStory will be released globally after the soft-launch and testing phases. But the side-scrolling action Mobile RPG gives Android players in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden the chance explore and experience epic battles through the lands of Maple World before the game's worldwide launch. Can't wait to play Pocket MapleStory? Below I will give a guide about how to get an Android VPN, and play the game like an Australian citizen.
  1. Get an Android VPN app from Google Play Store, or from FlyVPN download VPN page.
  2. Install and run FlyVPN app.
  3. Login with their paid VPN account. If you don't have a paid one, use their free accounts from their free trial page. The Android Australia VPN is in free account "vpnu".
  4. Route the traffics. For more details, refer to
  5. Click the droplist button to choose servers, you will see a server list then, choose Australia.
  6. Click "connect".
  7. Now you IP has been changed to an Australian IP, able to play Pocket MapleStory.

Monday, October 12, 2015

How to get Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta for extra 2 days

Star Wars Battlefront is setting to release on November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta get an extra day in order to perform additional technical tests. These additional tests will start from today, and will run thru Tuesday, October 13th, which will add an additional day to the Open Beta.  

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is an action first and third person shooter video game, developed by EA DICE and will be published by Electronic Arts. It's the third major release in the Star Wars: Battlefront series, but not considered a sequel to the previous gamesFeel the ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down on the frozen tundra of Hoth. Zip through the lush forests of Endor on an Imperial speeder bike while dodging incoming blaster fire. Engage in intense dogfights as squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters fill the skies. 

A lot of people spent their weekend shooting stormtroopers in the Star Wars: Battlefront open beta. Demand for access to the beta was so high that EA needed to add extra servers for the PC playerbase last week. Since then it seems to have been running smoothly, and people have already found it to be as blissfully ridiculous as the Battlefront games of old. It's possible to take one or two days more to do the open beta, because now the beta will run through Tuesday, October 13th, or until Wednesday in Australia. Except the one day extended by EA DICE, you can have the OBT for one extra day by using an Australia VPN.

An Australia VPN can change your IP to an Australian IP address, allow you play Star Wars Battlefront's OBT one more day than other regions. It's no need buy VPN account for one day Australian IP, a free Australia VPN is enough for these one day test. Follow the steps about how to get a free Australian VPN.

  1. Download a free VPN - FlyVPN client.
  2. After installed, run it, a window will pop up require to enter account. Enter vpnu as username, then get its latest password
  3. You don't need change the settings after login.
  4. Click "Oceania", you will find an Australian server in server list, click this Australia server, then tap "Connect" button. 
Once connected, you will find your IP is an Australian one. You can use their free Australian IP three times per day, each time the connection lasts for about 20 minutes. So if it's slow when you download the game, but your VPN connection disconnected on this progress, you do not need to connect VPN. Let your local network download the middle section of this game. You only need to keep VPN on when at the start and at the end of this download process.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A simple way to bypass Thailand's Great Firewall

Beyond blocked services, more and more countries are engaging in Internet censorship or monitoring Internet users. Inspired by China, Thailand set up its Great FirewallThe nation is now kicking around the idea of a single gateway - one internet connection between Thailand and the rest of the world. Here I would like to recommend a simple way to bypass this Internet censorship and Geo-restrictions - that's using VPN service.

Thailand's Great Firewall

Thailand's military junta has already banned Facebook (a few times), Bitcoin and the game Tropico, but that's not enough for the censor-happy dictatorship. Thailand is now considering consolidating all the gateways into one central government-controlled point,  that could block and censor websites or appsGamers and privacy campaigners in Thailand who want an open internet can use a simple tool to bypass the restrictionVPN service should easily unblock VoIP, or other restricted Internet services, such as Facebook, Twitter, or other services in countries that block them. 

The internet is anything but private and each time you connect to it your personal IP and data is at risk. Not only does a VPN help you bypass blockouts imposed by regional restrictions, it also provides a much needed extra layer of security. Whether they're in a strictly monitored environment or a completely free and open one, this person uses VPN services can keep their communications secure and encrypted. VPN service will encrypt your entire internet connection with military grade security so web browsing is secure and hidden from prying eyes. 

If you don't know how to use VPN, here you can refer to some VPN guides: how to setup a VPN on Android, how to setup VPN on iOS, how to setup VPN on windows systemAfter knowing how to build your own VPN for remote gaming and browsing that also protects your security.  You may rest assured that when the VPN service is active, your online privacy is protected, your location is cloaked, and you may surf the web in complete anonymity.

Monday, October 5, 2015

How to lower ping in games

Ping is the response time takes for data to go from your computer to the game server. In online multiplayer games, ping is an important factory to get high level. Low ping is always desirable because lower latency of network provides smooth game-play.


USA VPN or proxy

The latency of your network connection depends on your physical location and the game server or peer you want to connect to. A VPN connection might help you to get a lower ping on some games, especially if you are playing a game on a long-distance game servers. So, let's say you live in Singapore and you are playing your game on some US server located in Los Angeles. Because of geographic location between you and server, you may get lag issues. VPN is a tool to improve or boost ping in your favorite online games. After connecting to a USA VPN, you are closer to the game server.

Boost ping with DNS

After changing my DNS servers to Google Public DNS, the ping would be lower. All you need to do is to go to your network connection properties and change DNS servers to public DNS. After changing DNS it is recommended to restart your computer to ensure they will load and run properly on your computer. By using these servers you will likely experience lower game ping on some servers.
Google Public DNS: or

Add your game to your firewall's "Allowed" list

This will reduce the time that it takes for game-related information to leave and enter your network. You may or may not experience any performance increases for adding firewall exceptions, but it only takes a moment.

Switch to a wired connection

Online gaming requires stable internet connection and in most cases WiFi is not going to allow you that. To get the best performance and noticeable ping boost in most games, make sure that your computer is wired directly to your router. If that's not possible, try to speed up your WiFi or boost your WiFi signal strength.

Close bandwidth intensive programs

Every internet connection has bandwidth limitations. When you use close to your maximum bandwidth cap from your ISP your network latency will drop significantly. In order to increase ping you need to close all bandwidth intensive programs such as: uTorrent, Skype. Close your browser and pause downloads.