Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Download music free on QQ Music

You have to pay for all those musics when you listen to those musics in America. But in China, most music sites are free to listen and free to download. Here I would like to recommend a Chinese music streaming - QQ Music. QQ Music blocks all the IP addresses that are detected as abroad IPs. However, getting China mainland IP is no longer a hard work, a Free China VPN is enough to figure it out.


The site has a huge catalog of music to choose from, obviously favoring Chinese music but a ton of Western & world music as well. Check out songs are smooth, seamless and really high quality. If you plan on using it frequently, you can create a free QQ account to make & save play lists. There is also a mobile app which enables you download all your playlist songs, and use the phone for music offline. 
However, normally for people outside of China, you will simply be shown a black video screen just waiting to start, but it will never really start at all, or receive a message saying 'The content is blocked in your area.' Only with China mainland IP can open this site. In this case an excellent proxy is required to access QQ Music. 

FlyVPN recently offers a free Chinese account for users. The account seems to be available until the end of September. What's more, it has no limit on online connection time. I have tested and find I can stay on connected all the time. Open the streaming site or the app again after FlyVPN successfully setup. If you are new to VPN, read on the VPN tutorials.
Here is the free unlimited account: musicfreePassword: flyvpn.


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