Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Play Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward among the top earliest

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will be released on Steam on June 23, 2015. It will be available for Windows, Mac, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This is the first time Final Fantasy title on Apple's personal computer. Due to the different time zone, you may get the game hours later than players live in NZT. The VPN service will allow you to play the game early for your time-zone, you will gain access to the game at the same time New Zealanders do.
Heavensward (3.0) is the first expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. Since the relaunch of Final Fantasy 14 as A Realm Reborn, Square Enix has had massive success with the MMORPG. There are a lot of new features planned for the expansion. Heavensward introduces three new jobs: Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist. These jobs will not have a sub-class like the previous jobs in Final Fantasy 14. It's unknown if this will be a continuing trend after Heavensward, but at this point none of the new jobs have sub-classes.
Here's how to unlock the Steam version early using a free VPN. A VPN will be most useful for Europeans because of hours later play time, can get some 'time saving' from this. Steam will not ban for using a VPN. The only reason they will ban for you using a VPN for cheaper price. It gives you days head start on preload and at release you get to play hours or even days earlier. I would consider it as something that is worth of yours time. 
1. First, we need to know how to actually unlock the game early. This will be done using a VPN. FlyVPN offers free NewZealand VPN, you can get their free accounts from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.
2. Pre-load the game, you can do this already regardless of your country.
3. Start Steam. Once Steam starts, it should start unpacking the game. Wait until the game is done unpacking and start it up with the VPN running to make sure it works. If it works, exit the game, select Go Offline in Steam. You can close the VPN now too. 
4. Go online in Steam again once the game officially launches.

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