Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Guide of register and download League of Legends Japan server

With League of Legends Japan server launched, more and more players prefer to play LOL Japan server. But you may meet problems when register LOL Japan account, download LOL Japan server, or transfer to LOL Japan server. Read on the article to fix these problems.

How to download LOL Japan Client

Go to the homepage of League of Legends Japan: http://jp.leagueoflegends.com/.

lol jp client download

Click download game button.

lol japan block

You will see the above error, it means League of Legends Japan server not available in your region.

download lol japan

Yes, LOL Japan is only available in Japan. A Japan VPN is required. See the above changes above. With VPN, it will allow you to download LOL Japan Client.

change lol jp client region

Now change the region and Operating System.

download LOL Japan Client

Click the orange button to download LOL Japan.

download LOL Japan Client

download LOL Japan Client

download LOL Japan Client

Please don't forget where you save LOL Client.

download LOL Japan Client

download LOL Japan Client

download LOL Japan Client

download LOL Japan Client

How to sign up League of Legends Japan account

Go to https://signup.jp.riotgames.jp/ja/signup/index?realm_key=jp to sign up a League of Legends Japan account. Please make sure you are connected to a Japan VPN.

sign up lol japan account

Fill in the information required.
The account contains only numbers and letters, 4 - 24.
The password should contain at least one number and one letter, 6 - 16.
Click the confirm button.

active lol account

Ahead to your email to activate LOL account. Find email from riot games, and click the active link.

complete sign up lol jp

Complete register account.

Transfer to LOL Japan server

If you have ever play League of Legends, it's no need to download Client, just transfer to Japan server. But Chinese server, Korea server, Taiwan server, Singapore server are different from LOL Japan server.

transfer to LOL Japan server

Run LOL Client, change region to Japan, save the change. It will auto update to Japan version.

If you meet the above problem, please click the first link. If not work, click the second link. The third link is their support link.


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