Monday, October 5, 2015

How to lower ping in games

Ping is the response time takes for data to go from your computer to the game server. In online multiplayer games, ping is an important factory to get high level. Low ping is always desirable because lower latency of network provides smooth game-play.


USA VPN or proxy

The latency of your network connection depends on your physical location and the game server or peer you want to connect to. A VPN connection might help you to get a lower ping on some games, especially if you are playing a game on a long-distance game servers. So, let's say you live in Singapore and you are playing your game on some US server located in Los Angeles. Because of geographic location between you and server, you may get lag issues. VPN is a tool to improve or boost ping in your favorite online games. After connecting to a USA VPN, you are closer to the game server.

Boost ping with DNS

After changing my DNS servers to Google Public DNS, the ping would be lower. All you need to do is to go to your network connection properties and change DNS servers to public DNS. After changing DNS it is recommended to restart your computer to ensure they will load and run properly on your computer. By using these servers you will likely experience lower game ping on some servers.
Google Public DNS: or

Add your game to your firewall's "Allowed" list

This will reduce the time that it takes for game-related information to leave and enter your network. You may or may not experience any performance increases for adding firewall exceptions, but it only takes a moment.

Switch to a wired connection

Online gaming requires stable internet connection and in most cases WiFi is not going to allow you that. To get the best performance and noticeable ping boost in most games, make sure that your computer is wired directly to your router. If that's not possible, try to speed up your WiFi or boost your WiFi signal strength.

Close bandwidth intensive programs

Every internet connection has bandwidth limitations. When you use close to your maximum bandwidth cap from your ISP your network latency will drop significantly. In order to increase ping you need to close all bandwidth intensive programs such as: uTorrent, Skype. Close your browser and pause downloads.


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