Thursday, September 17, 2015

How to change password of verified Pmang Korea account

Pmang is a popular Korean games portal, developed by Neowiz Games. Some players bought verified PMANG account to play games like Black squad, AVA, CF, and Raiderz, but they may stumped when change password for their account. This article is the tutorial about changing password of verified Pmang Korean account
Neowiz Games is an game publisher based in Seoul, South Korea, with its own game portal, PmangIt is the subsidiary owner of Korean developer and publisher Pentavision Entertainment. Neowiz Games publish and service 41 diverse games of various genres, from sport to web board games. They have also collaborated with several other game developers and publishers to host, maintain and localize titles in the Korean games market, such as EA's EA Sports FIFA Online.  
Now let's guide:
1. Please set Korean language as the primary language in browser in case browser don't recognize Korean character.


2. Visit PMANG to login with ID and password.


3. Tap your Pmang accounts' profile name.

Verify Pmang Profile Info

4. Require to verify the info( Birth of date and Gender) typed for creating account. Verify Pmang Profile Information.


5. You will be redirected to this page . Click change password, see above photo.


6. The old password is required to set a new password. Don't forget to save the change.
Pmang requires to register with Korean phone number. If not, you can't register Pmang Korean account. You can ask for help from your Korean friends. Or buy a Pmang account from agent/online shops.
After getting a Pmang Korea account, you may also unable to play its games - that's because you are living outside of Korea. A VPN can help you change your IP address to Korea IP, allowing you play all the Korean games.

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