Monday, June 13, 2016

Play Samkok Saga with Vietnam VPN on Android Phone

Samkok Saga, a vietnam game, was launched on February via Google Play and AppStore already. Since the date of its release, it soon became prvailent in vietnam.It is game orignated from Chinese history. We've done a test for vietnam game lovers, to find that a vpn can help to reduce the latnecy of this game.

The setting of Samkok Saga 

  • Grand Battle Scene. The battle between the troops of the great military leader and a legend. Fight off the enemy with spectacular skill. Feel excitement every second as a wrong move means the sacrifice of a whole army!
  • Keep resource functions! General resources is not enough. Three Kingdoms Sagar also functions wrest resources from the warriors who guard the place. Difficult levels based on the resources that you have to choose. As long as  there are enough resources on hand, the longer the power is.
  • The key is to conquer the enemy. Select a skill that is most appropriate for every military commander. Skills are divided into two types: Skill attack (players must press a skill)and Passive (skill will not be activated) skill . different attack, skill rival, skill, and support you in this battle, the army leadership. Selecting the appropriate skill will bring victory and unparalleled.
  • What will make your trip a challenge against Real time. Another key feature that will allow you to challenge a friend to a duel against Real time interaction with super combos. You invented yourself, who will? Who will go?Only one can  survive. Loser must back off. Get ready to battle with the Fellowship of dignity. 

How to play this game on Android with a VPN?

There are tones of VPN in the market and you can try to explore it.Here we pick FlyVPN as they have a free Vietnam server for us to do a test.It is fairly convienient for you to set vpn on Android phone, you can download it on google play or set it manually.But before set vpn, you have to make sure there's an available account. A Vietnam VPN gives you a Vietnam IP thus can shorten the distance between you and the game server.

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