Monday, November 2, 2015

How can I get Shaiya Wars Sounth Korea CBT

Shaiya Wars' Closed Beta in South Korea starts since October 29, with 2 game trailers revealed. The CBT will last until the end of January next year. Players who living outside of South Korea can use a Korea VPN to play Shaiya Wars.

Shaiya Wars Closed Beta

Do you remember Shaiya, the old MMORPG from Aeria Games, bought over by Nexon Korea many years ago? Shaiya Wars is the new online MMORPG in the Shaiya series, but this new game seems totally different. Though based on the Shaiya intellectual property (IP), it's not considered a sequel to the original ShaiyaDeveloped and published in South Korea by Nexon,  Shaiya Wars aims at both casual and hardcore players with simple control, fast action, and short battle period.

Shaiya Wars takes the anime visual style and aims at younger player base. Focused on PVP battles, there are 3 large battlefields currently where 100 vs 100 battles take place.  5 features are highlighted, and together with the artwork, gives a certain vibe of games such as Legend of Edda. In this CBT, there are 6 featured characters including guardian, warrior, assassin, archer, mage and priest, in total.

How to play Shaiya Wars Korea CBT?

However this is a new game planned exclusively for Korea for now, and no release in other markets has been planned yet. So if you want to play this CBT, you need to get a Korean IP. A virtual private network (simply VPN) is a very useful tool to change your IP address, rerouting your traffic via VPN server. For players, that's a good thing - it gives you a different location and IP address to tricky the websites.

Now let's guide how to get a Korean IP:
  1. Install a VPN Client, containing Korean servers. Here we use FlyVPN.
  2. Register an account. Your account is available to have free test.
  3. Login the installed Client with your account. You may get an error message showing "Your account is expired, please renew your membership". Ignore it, click "ok" to start test.
  4. The Korean servers are easy to find, as they are listed specially. Click the Korea server, it will show response time.
  5. Click "connect".

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