Monday, February 22, 2016

Play Breath of Fire 6 outside of Japan with a Japan VPN

Breath of Fire 6, the eagerly awaited sixth installment of the popular role-playing game series will be released in Japan on 24th February for mobile and PC. The both web browser game and mobile game allows players meet and party with each other from both platforms. Breath of Fire 6 is developed and published by Capcom. The iOS version is given a release window of one month later, sometime in March of 2016. There is no news for an overseas launch yet. So if you want to play Breath of Fire 6 from outside of Japan, a Japan VPN will help.

Best free Japan VPN for Breath of Fire 6

VPN is the best and most used tool to get Japan IPs. Connect one Japan vpn server to computer first. The ip will be changed to Japanese ip. While, some Japan games blocks proxy IPs, so we need to test the Japan IPs before making payment to VPN/proxy providers. We choose FlyVPN as it provides more Japan VPN servers and free VPN accounts for gamers. Use the listed free accounts or sign up a FlyVPN account to have free test. The free Japan VPN servers are listed in Asia button.

How to play Breath of Fire 6 Japan on Windows PC

Players from Windows PC and Android devices are connected to the same server (cross-platform), which makes the community of Breath of Fire 6 so much bigger! 8 new feature trailers were released, which can be seen combined above. A DMM account is necessary for PC players who want to play Breath of Fire 6. If you don't know how to get a DMM account, refer to my previous article how to create a DMM account. Please make sure you are connected to a Japan VPN before downloading or playing Breath of Fire 6.

Breath of Fire 6 Japan PC:

How to play Breath of Fire 6 Japan on Android devices

Download Breath of Fire 6 from Google Play. Breath of Fire 6 Android version comes the same day as its Windows version. The iOS version will be launched about a month later.

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