Monday, April 11, 2016

Play Time Machine VR sooner with New Zealand IP

Time Machine VR is an exploration adventure game. Time Machine is a virtual reality Jurassic Park from the creator of Papo Y Yo. Travel to the Jurassic era and engage with creatures like dakosaurus and pliosaurus. Use high-tech tools to track, probe, and scan them, and upload your findings to the DinoDex to unlock the secret to saving humankind! Time Machine is set in the year 2070, during the Neo-Renaissance, an era of peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of knowledge. You step into the shoes of a paleontologist recruited by the Monda Muzeo (World Museum). Your mission: to assemble the most comprehensive record of Earth's prehistory ever created. To complete your quest, you will travel back to the Jurassic era and navigate a treacherous ecosystem, collecting living dinosaur data to dissipate the mystery of Earth's past.

Time Machine VR

We all know that there are different countries' version of game platforms. Sometimes the price is different, and the release dates are different. Such as Fall out 4, Battlefront, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V and so on. New Zealand is the first place where the sun rises. So if some games release different time/same time in different timezone around the world, connect to New Zealand VPN is the choice. Players who are living in New Zealand can play Time Machine VR earliest.

Get Free Trial New Zeland VPN To Unlock Time Machine VR Earlier

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