Thursday, August 13, 2015

Closers starts open beta in Japan from August 18th

Naddic Games’s combat MOARPG CLOSERS launches into Open Beta on August 18th in Japan. It has received two new trailers just before the game launches into open beta in Japan. There is no word of the possibility of the game coming to Western audiences. Regardless, you can still test the open beta by using a VPN.




The first title of South Korean developer Naddic Games, Closers will arrive in Japan next week, with SEGA being the publisher. Closers is a cel-shaded combat MOARPG. This certainly comes as a surprise, since Nexon was expected to publish both in South Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, SEGA has experience with online games, with Phantasy Star Online 2 vastly successful in the country. No news currently for an English server. This game has similarities to Rusty Hearts, DFO, Ghost X, and Lunia. 
Homepage of Closers:
You may wander play the game, but you are not in Japan right now, then you can stay calm and just read on. All we need is a Japan IP to get access to this game. What I just described here is what most people would call a VPN connection. Even though you are living outside of Japan, a Japan VPN can unblock Closers. It is the good solution for foreign players.
FlyVPN has Japan servers and can undoubtedly help you download Closers, and register an account on its website. One of FlyVPN's main functions is to change your original IP addresses into other countries' IP address according to the server you choose to connect. The most important, it also has free accounts.
Below is how to get the game:
1. Download FlyVPN client from its official website:
2. Install and run the client.
3. Login with their free VPN accounts.
4. Click Asia tab, then select the Japan server.

If you are unable to figure out, refer to their VPN setup tutorials.

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