Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to get access to Infestation: Survivor Stories Thailand

First big regional E-Sport event for Infestation: Survival Stories aka WarZ took place last weekend. Infestation: Survivor Stories is a zombie survival horror MMO, developed by Hammerpoint Interactive. Players who want to play Infestation: Survivor Stories Thailand server, need an ID and a Thailand connection.



Infestation immerses players in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world in which a viral outbreak has decimated the human population leaving in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion. It is an evolving open world environment allowing you to create your own experience. Scavenge, defend yourself, band with others, or die in the process – your life is in your own hands. Formerly known as The War Z features both first person and third person shooting perspectives. The game offers players the option of killing zombies or playing against other users (PvP). Whether you want to survive against the environment, creating your own holdfast against the zombie hordes, play against other players as a Bandit or Lawman, or create your own world, the game is your playground.
Infestation: Survivor Stories:
Infestation: Survivor Stories Thailand:
To play its Thailand server, you need an ID and a Thailand connection. If you can figure those two out you will also need to register on the site. Then how do you get a Thailand connection? A vpn or proxy can help. It is stuck everytime it says building an update and then stuck forever. After connecting to a Thailand VPN to change IP address, you will be able to get Infestation: Survivor Stories. The Thailand ip will be used sometimes to download the new patch. 
Besides enable you get the Thailand connection, a VPN can lower the ping in game. You may find high ping when playing Infestation Thailand server. That's because your physical distance is away from its Thailand server. It's annoying to meet the problem that when playing in a game, the charactors stops due to high ping. Using a VPN or proxy will help you avoid of such kind of things.


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