Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to unblock Japanese Music Video on YouTube

YouTube Red began display geo-restriction messages on videos. Viewers in USA can find YouTube banned a long list of music channels, playlists and uploaded files over its YouTube Red copyrights. That's because they currently can't participate in the YouTube Red service due to rights issues surrounding their content. Connect to a VPN if you find that the content you like is no longer available in YouTube.

Japanese Music Video blocked on YouTube

It's a shock for Japanese and Korean music fans as a good percentage of Japanese & Korean music videos no longer available on YouTube in the US. All the music videos on Sony Japan's channel "sonymusicnetwork" as well as the videos on the official channels of the artists are now unavailable in the US. Companies that do not agree to the YouTube Red policy will have their content geo-restricted. Since YouTube Red is currently only available in the USA, all geo-restrictions only apply within US cyberspace. Trying to access any of the videos will result in the message: "This video contains content from xxx. It is not available in your country." A blog post identifies the following channels and playlists as geo-restricted:
Victor Entertainment (and channels by acts under them like Sakanaction, Southern All Stars, Hoshino Gen, and Leo Ieiri)
Columbia Music Japan (and channels by acts under them like TRUSTRICK, clammbon, and Not yet)
Up-Front (and channels by acts under them like Morning Musume, Juice=Juice, LoVendoЯ, and C-ute)
Pony Canyon (and channels by acts under them like aiko, w-inds., Katahira Rina, and cinema staff)
Teichiku (and channels by acts under them like Sayuri Ishikawa and X4)
Zankyo Record
Yonezu Kenshi
Ling Tosite Sigure
Yasuda Rei
The GazettE
Flying Dog (and channels by acts under like Maaya Sakamoto)
Being (and channels by acts under like B'z, Mai Kuraki, Meiri Alaha, and BREAKERZ)
Danger Crue
Resistar Records
Faith Music

This is not the first time YouTube to do this within a certain region. Not long ago, sports network ESPN has pulled nearly all of its content from YouTube. YouTube bans content in China for over 10 years. Specific media has been geo-blocked in certain regions, such as YouTube banned in Pakistan due to hate speech.

The only way to unblock videos is with a VPN service. It's a good tool to change IP address and get access to blocked contents. The benefit of using a VPN is that it ensures the appropriate level of security to the connected systems while enable you access blocked contents. If you think free VPNs offer slower servers than for paid VPNs or they set restricted on the number of servers you can connect to, and want to get a paid VPN, you can wait for Xmas VPN discount. The VPN sale comes next week.

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