Monday, December 7, 2015

Use a NewZealand VPN to early play Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will come to Microsoft Windows on December 10, 2015 on Steam. The action role-playing video game is developed and published by Square Enix. There are no changes to the story that was originally released to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America in February 2014. You may want to play this game the moment it released. A NewZealand VPN can change your IP to a NewZealand IP and allow you play the game among the earliest. 

Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns is the concluding chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII saga and series heroine Lightning's final battle. The PC package also comes with almost of the DLC release. The grand finale of the trilogy brings a world reborn as well as free character customization and stunning action based battles. The frame rate will be capped at 60fps, with 1080p the highest resolution available. Meanwhile, windowed and full screen will be supported. 
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PC Graphics Options:
  • Rendering resolution
  • Scaling of the display area
  • Shadow processing
  • Texture filters
  • Color correction
  • Depth of field
  • Lighting
  • Glare

The earliest possible time is 00:00 NZT. So we recommend change IP to NewZealand. FlyVPN offers free NewZealand VPN recently. What you need to do is register an account, log it on their Android VPN app. Then it will auto give your account 14 days for free test. You can use the account to switch IP and early unlock Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Follow the set up VPN guide to install a VPN Client. Enter your account in the installed VPN Client. Choose New Zealand server, then connect to the server. You will find your IP changed to a NewZealand one. If you want to subscribe their VPN service, you can wait for their Christmas VPN sales.

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