Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Music War between Spotify and Apple

Spotify, a music streaming service from Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the world's biggest music platform that offers digital rights management. It provide people with two types of music service: free trial and premium one. For free trial, users can play shuffle but would encounter advertisement while using spotify; with premium account, users can play music of higher quality and have no advertisment in the app. According to satatistics, the amount of total users of Spotify reaches 6000,000 and premium accounts occupy a quater of it.

The difference between Sportify and Apple

All the songs on Spotify are patent music suported by Warner Brothers, Sony, and EMI. Sportify only provide users with shuffling music instead of downloadable music while Apple supports downloadable music. But an advantage of Sportify over Apple is that it allows free music. Moreover, Sportify is more convenient in operating than Apple and allows users for a large quantity of music.

Lately, Sportify claims that Apple’s approval process for App Store is highly anti-competitive since Apple prevent Sportify from holding campaign of promotion in Applestore and sent a letter to Apple last week. Apple Apple had a history of making Spotify less competitive on iOS smartphones and tablets because it is a rival of Apple Music, said Sportify's lawyer. Sportify's letter would make Apple consider about European Union Competition Law.

Use Spotify outside Your Country with A VPN

Unlike Apple Store spreads its businness all over the world, users outside his or her own country can only use Sportify for 14 days with his orignal account, otherwise they have to change the country on Sportify's website and change it back when they return, which can be fairly inconvenient. To solve this problem, I personally suggest you use Spotify with a VPN located in your current place as VPN grants you a new IP adress and make Spotify think you are still in your own country. For instance,you're about to America and will be back within a month, then you can try America VPN in order to shuffling music from Spotify.

In conclusion, no matter who will win the market between Spotify and Apple, the standard streaming music service is the only thing cared by users all around the world. Wait and see the Apple's reaction towards Spotify's complaint.

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