Friday, July 15, 2016

WhatsApp introduces a new font for iOS and Android users

As one of the world's largest social application, WhatsApp tries to impress its users with a new font.When users open the App in thier phone,it says "Hello, this is the new font!"Even though most of the updates are under the hood changes with hidden features. The hidden features include a lot of features that are introduced for internal testing but not ready for prime time usage. This was initially reported by WABetaInfo on twitter through their official handle.

The hidden features hides in this new Front

The new font goes to add to the recently introduced font formats including bold, italics and strikethrough. All these formats give around 15 new unique formatting options to  users. It will enable the users to communicate more clearly with options to emphasise the important and to simply introduce variation during conversations. To use all the formats use the following symbols at the start and end of your message.

To Protect your personal Data while using WhatsApp with VPN

Nowadays, security problems are essential to people who can't live without their phones. WhatsApp once was shut down for about 12 hours in Brazil by the a local judge for its refusal of turning in its users' data. To protect personal data, FlyVPN could be a good choice. This VPN occupying etreme encrpyting skill gives you a sense of security while connecting with its servers.

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