Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Use a VPN on XBOX One to Play Dead Island:Definitive Edition ?

Game lovers won't miss these fascinating or thrilling games on XBOX,like Doom,Overwatch and the upcoming game Dead Island.Dead Island:Definitive Edition will be released on May 31,2016 according to its website,a game centering on the challenge of surviving a zombie-infested open with a major emphasis on melee combat and crafting focusing on four playable survivors trying to survive and escaping off the island of Banoi.

How do  use a VPN on XBOX One?

Sometimes,people can feel frustrated or heartbreaking when playing games,which result from TWO causes.The first one is that high ping deter people from playing game.The second one is attached to the geological resrtiction.For instance,people in China today can't play Battlfield 4  because of the restrict policy of their government.With a vpn setup in your device,problems will go away.It can grant you with another IP adress or reduce your latency while playing games.

Now let's take FlyVPN as an eaxmple.The steps of setting vpn for XBOX One when you are using wireless connection with PC are as following:
  • Download a VPN client(I suggest you do a test before buy a vpn ),intall it and run it.
  • Find  FlyVPN connection under “Network Connections” have been established
  • Follow  three srteps from a,b,c 
  • Click FlyVPN connection and input your FlyVPN account and password. Click “Connect”.
  • Plug your XBOX One to your PC/laptop with ethernet cable. Make sure on your XBOX One dashboard your IP settings and DNS Settings are set to automatic.

A Video Clip of Dead Island

Now you've set up vpn in your XBOX One,you can pick a game and play with lower ping or wait patiently for Dead Island.Here's the short video clip about the content of this game and hope you enjoy it.You can get a pre-order of this game on its website or Steam and then wait for serval days after it's released.

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