Friday, May 27, 2016

Save Your Money with a Free VPN If You Want to Play Minecraft PC in Australia and New Zealand

Sarting from May 23,the price of Minecraft PC in some countries will increasee according to the article from Gamespot,which would be a heartbreaking news for fans of Minecraft PC.

The following is the price chart:

From the chart above,you can see that the price in America, China,Taiwan,Hongkong and Switzerland remains the same,which can be really annoying.The price of Minecraft PC in Australia will go from 25AUD to 35AUD,and the price in New Zealand will go from 32NZD to 40 NZD.

Get Minecraft PC with a better price

Then how can we buy Minecraft PC with a cheaper price?Well,a VPN can help you mask your IP adress and grant you a new one.Since the price stays the same in America, China,Taiwan and Hongkong,vpn of these countries can help you.You don't need to buy a VPN,a free VPN is enough.Here,I recommend you FlyVPN as it has free American VPN,Taiwan VPN and HongKong VPN.You can use a free account 3 times each day.To buy it in a better price,you can follow steps below:
  • download a VPN software or application to your device.(Make sure your network  is working)
  • log in VPN and open the website of Minecraft PC 
  • Webpage changes.Buy Minecraft PC in a lower price!


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