Friday, May 20, 2016

Tips and Tricks for Civilization 5 with Free USA VPN

Civilization 6 will come out this winter on October 21st,which is really thrilling for its huge group of fans.But today let's talk about the lastest version Civiliaztion 5.Here I'd like to give you some tips,tricks and strategies for Civilization 5.

1. City Position:  your city next to a river will give the ability to build the Water Mill in order to give your city a food and production advantage once built. Put your city next to a mountain will  make you able  to build a Observatory later on in the game that will give a science boost. What's more, building on the  top of a hill will give your city a defence. Build next to the sea will  give your city access to the sea resources in the end.
2. Port citeis : The fastest way to destroy a city is to use of Frigates and Privateers. Just build a few port cities and put the other cities at least 3 tiles from the ocean, then the enemy cannot attack you on the sea.
3.Use vpn to accelate your game:Since in some countries there still have restiction on ip adress.Thus you need a vpn to hide your present ip adress and mask with another one.Like if you're in China,you either get acess to steam nor search for some tips in google,then you have to get a VPN to break down the geological restriction.Others outside China do need a USA vpn as you can lower your pings with a USA VPN.
4.See if a Civ is working on a wonder: You have the capacity to check revealed enemy cities to see if a civ is trying to build a wonder. The wonder will be presented outside any city that is trying to build it. It is a smart way to not waste your material so you put your effort elsewhere.
Did you get it?Go to play Civiliztion5 and don't miss Civiliaztion6 on Steam.

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