Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Create H1Z1 America Server Account with the Best American VPN

H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online game in development by Daybreak Game Company for Microsoft Windows. However, people in some place like Philippines can not register or create an account in its American server.If you need to create an H1Z1 American server, this article can help you.

Before creating H1Z1 American server account, we need to know that our IP adress need to be changed to American one.Thus, a reliable and stable VPN is needed. There is a plenty of VPN in the market. Here, I'll take FlyVPN as an example.

First,download FlyVPN client and create an account. Choose a free American server to connect. Every newly-created account can acuqire 60 minutes free trial each day.

Second,click 'create an account' on the upleft
Third,create an account and go back to the log in webpage. Log in H1Z1.

Fourth,click 'Play' and go to the playing mode.

In order to play H1Z1, you have to keep your IP adress changed all along the playing process. FlyVPN premium membership can be a good choice. They have a batch of American servers, you can choose their servers at your convenience. Using a VPN to reduce the latency is always a choice for wise game player.

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