Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How Can You Watch the 2016 Olympics Diving without A Cable Subscription in the US?

These Olympics will be a amazing time so guys don't miss the action of these games. Olympics brings happiness and joy all over the world and this time will be the same. Yet, Watching Olympics with high quality Diving in USA might charge people a lot. Here I recommend you watch Olympics on line with CCTV5 through connecting a VPN server.

How to unblock CCTV 5? Which VPN server can help me navigate CCTV5? 

To get a stable video streaming, you defintely need a VPN with goog performance and available for CCTV5. Here I reccomend you try FlyVPN since it has a batch of China IPs including Shanghai IP, Zhejiang IP, Beijing IP, and etc. It also has free VPN accounts for you to test with. The setting steps are also very easy for you to follow:
  • download FlyVPN from its website to your device and run it
  • login with your account and password
  • choose Chinese servers and click 'connect'
  • once you have switch to Chinese IP(check your IP adress here),browse CCTV5 for online Olympics
I have test all the VPN servers of FlyVPN and find the some VPN servers like Zhejiang 01, Zhejiang 02, Zhejiang 03 and Zhejiang 04 have the best perfromance. You can test Zhejiang 04 before buying it with its free trial accounts.


Rio Olympics Diving Schedule 2016

The following is the Olympics Diving schedule, you may simply check it and catch up with the thrilling Olympic Games.
7 August 2016(Sunday)

Women's synchronized 3m springboard final(11:30 pm)
8 August 2016(Monday)

Men's Synchronized 10m platform final(11:30 pm)
9 August 2016(Tuesday)

Women's synchronized 10m platform final(11:30 pm)
10 August 2016(Wednesday)

Men's synchronized 3m springboard final(11:30 pm)
12 August 2016(Thursday)

Women's 3m springboard preliminary(12:00 am)
13 August 2016(Friday)

Women's 3m springboard semifinal(12:30 am)
14 August 2016(Saturday)

Women's 3m springboard final(12:30 am)
15 August 2016(Monday)

Men's 3m springboard preliminary(11:45 pm)
16 August 2016(Tuesday)

Men's 3m springboard semifinal(6:30 pm)
Men's 3m springboard final(2:30 am)
17 August 2016(Wednesday)

Women's 10m platform preliminary (11:30 pm)
18 August 2016(Thursday)

Women's 10m platform semifinal(6:30 pm)
Women's 10m platform final(12:30 am)
19 August 2016(Friday)

Men's 10m platform preliminary(12:30 am)
20 August 2016(Saturday)

Men's 10m platform semifinal(7:30 pm)
Men's 10m platform final(1:00 am)