Friday, August 12, 2016

Join Tree of Savior Japan Server Beta with the Best Japanese VPN

A free massively multiplayer online role playing game, Tree of Saviora free,developed by IMC Games. The global English server has already gone full throttle with the official launch, yet the Japan server is still under testing. The good news of Tree of Savior is that Open Beta of it scheduled for August, 24th.

Tree of Savior is based on traditional Lithuanian culture and mythology. A new game trailer for Tree of Savior was released, which seems extraordinarily cool.

How Can We Get Japan IP in order to Play Tree of Savior Japan Server Beta?

Well, first of all, you have to change your current IP adress into a Janpan IP, otherwise you may be blocked of this game.VPN is always a good way for you guys to obtain a Japan IP adress.Since it can be pretty hard for you to find a reliable and stable VPN service in VPN marketpalce, here I recommend you FlyVPN, a VPN producer that has more than 300+ servers on 40+ countres. Free Japan servers are available for free trial users. Simply download FlyVPN app or client, create an account in it, you will get 60 minutes free trial each day. Once connecting with their Japan servers, you can enjoy Tree of Savior wherever you are.

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