Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Can I Watch New Blood on BBC iPlayer?

New Blood, a British television drama series created by Anthony Horowitz and produced by Eleventh Hour Films for BBC One, received over 4 million viewers. To unblock BBC iPlayer, this article can help you.

The Background setting of New Blood

Stefan Kowolski and Arash Sayyad are junior investigators; both are second-generation immigrants. Initially thrown together by chance and common sporting interests, they later discover that they are working two different angles of the same case. Stefan is also attracted to Arash's sister.

Kowolski is a junior investigator with the United Kingdom Serious Fraud Office, whilst Sayyad is a uniformed Constable in London's police service, with ambitions of becoming a detective. In the first case, he secures a second posting as a Trainee Detective Constable , having obtained poor reviews in an earlier attempt.

Why we need VPN?

This TV series attract so many people to watch it and the rate of it on IMDB is fairly high. 

When I try to open BBC iPlayer for watching New Blood, it turns out 'BBC iPlayer only works in the UK'.

The first three episodes of the programme were made available on BBC iPlayer on 2 June 2016, ahead of the BBC One premiere on 9 June.The is there any way for us to bypass the restiction?

How can we use the best VPN for unblocking BBC iPlayer?

To go through the geological restriction, all we need is a UK IP adress. Then how can we get it? Firt, you need to find a reliable, trustable, and stable British VPN server. Connectiing with their British servers will grant you a UK IP adress,thus the BBC iPlayer may think you are in the UK and let you browse their TV series. Then, you may wonder which VPN server is best for BBC iPlayer. As for me, the best choice of VPN for BBC iPlayer always goes to FlyVPN for its excellent performance. 

Hope everyone enjoy New Blood!


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